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The Tree

The world is mobile but with over 1.6 million apps available in Apple and Google’s app stores its not enough for companies to build yet another app.

Businesses that succeed in the mobile space will do so because they connect personalized data to client-specific services. Their users will have the experience of getting just the right information.

The challenge is that creating data-driven, user centric applications is hard. It’s expensive, time consuming and requires specific development skills.

The Tree was developed to solve these problems and enable businesses to easily present relevant data to the customers through mobile.

It supports the quick and reliable development of cloud based mobile applications that require personalized, context-aware, real-time data presentation.

The market opportunity  for small business financial services providers is to offer The Tree as a service to business clients.

The benefits to the business will be additional routes to market, increased automation of business processes and increased visibility of market needs.

Further benefits include increased customer acquisition, satisfaction and retention, increased visibility of the client business and a growing market.

The successful businesses of the future are getting their data, onto the mobile, in front of their customers, today.

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