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Open Data

This initiative will address Open Data from three key perspectives:

  • Open does not mean All. Personal, Privacy and Security needs to be central in an Open Data standard
  • Open does not imply Free. This is a reprise of Richard Stallman’s refrain that one should think of “free” as in “free speech,” not as in “free beer”.
  • Open has political implications which we seek to avoid. This process should help all institutions manage the making of data available.

Find our initial study of the City of Cape Town's Open Data here.

Here is the Open Data App:

Open Data

We have included an Open Data score here. At the moment we have ranked all documents with a score of 50%. We are looking at an accepted standard to rank a document in terms of openness. Any ranking will include machine readability.

Example Indexes

Here are two interesting examples of an index:

World Wide Web Foundation - Open Data Barometer

The Open Data Barometer can be found here.

The meaning of the symbols is

  • Map
  • Land ownership
  • Detailed census
  • Detailed government budget
  • Detailed government spend
  • Company register
  • Legislation
  • Public transport timetables
  • International trade
  • Health sector performance
  • Primary and secondary education performance
  • Crime statistics
  • National Environment statistics
  • National election results
  • Public contracts

Global Open Data Index

Another useful index is here.