PGWC Digital Strategy

In response to “Dept. of Economic Development & Tourism Western Cape Government Sector Digital Disruption Impact Assessment“. I am sorry that I was underwhelmed by the document.
It reads like a first year marketing project. Have no doubt that the report is masterfully executed – as pretty as can be.
But I do not see any strategy or vision in the document – what I do see are really tired examples of breathless digital Use Cases.
Furthermore, why the PGWC got a global consultancy to grind out yet another vanilla report is beyond me. I read quite a lot of government strategy and this report, while being particularly pretty, is bereft of substance.
Most of the (real) digital experts I know, would not even bother reading the first page because it is so lite.
Two examples:
Soekor (Petrosa) was one of the best tech companies in SA. While they found no oil, they could do data back in the day. Now they are a shadow of themselves. They are laughable. I know the PGWC has no dog in this fight, but (a) they should have got involved when they could (b) they cannot use it as their story (c) Petrosa did ‘big data’, there should be some lessons there.
The Cape Big Data facility is a confused miasma of priorities – there is the CHPC and the SKA (whatever that is). Yet proper experts did not even make it to meet the department in the tender. It was quite crushing, that even at the first Big Data meeting,  a bus was driven between the ministers, without even trying.
The PGWC prides itself on the vibrancy of its digital economy and startup. But  there is very little tangible evidence to show that they are doing anything more than your government brethren nationally, north or east.
I gave up trying to critique the report.
What I offer instead is a few vignettes about what I would like to see
(1) Open Data being used to stimulated SMB and create openness in government. This could be used around water consumption, dam levels and more.
(2) Engaging and embracing Digital standards to share information. This could be around train timetables.
(3) Attracting Global software companies to take up residency. #Girls Coding would feed into this.
(4) Tenders stink. They really do. The tender program is an abject failure. Please do not blame central government or process.
I will try and read the document again, but it is just irritating due to being so lite and full of trite aphorisms, noble statements and basic bullshit.
I have stated previously that government support for SMBs is a demonstrable cockup. Please, government thinker, put the following picture in your pipe too.
I am calling this digital policy bullshit.

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