Open Data Plan

Hi all,

I have been under the weather recently, but now I am back!

After two initial meetings I bewimpel’ed a plan here:

Open Data

I am now looking to take this plan forward. Clearly, the above 6-point plan can be extended.

I would like to meet at 2pm until 3pm on Thursday 30 March 2017 to grow Open Data as a shared resource and a business opportunity.

The Agenda is:

(1) what the IEEE brings

(2) what would business really like

(3) why should we collaborate

(4) how can we get the plan in place

(5) setup an ad-hoc management committee

(6) links to Big Data & Smart Cities

For that we need a board room with internet connectivity.

Please contact me should you wish to attend @davidjhislop on Twitter or email me at david dot hislop at ieee dot org.

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