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Open Data Industry Connection Activity Report 1st Year – Feb 2017

As part of the IEEE we are required to submit an annual report. Here is a summary of the report.


We started with a 6 point plan. This we communicated at 2 meetings with representatives of business and government stakeholders at 2 inaugural meetings at the beginning of 2016. At the meeting we shared what we regarded as normative references Appendix A.

We received initial support from local and regional government and various businesses. .

We briefly review the 6 pillars of the plan and successes to date.

Project #1- Local and Regional Government

  • Help municipalities get data into cloud specifically Provincial Government of the Western Cape
  • Look at User Journey for use of the City of Cape Town’s Open Data Portal
  • Look at City of Cape Town’s Open Data business model (See Appendix B for a top level view)
  • Build a community at the City of Cape Town’s Open Data portal
  • Speak about standards, specifically the ETSI / GSM model

In  this regard we had two successes:

We were nominated as the City of Cape Town Open Data public representative and we developed an App using the CoCT Open Data (see Appendix D for screen shots).

Project #2 – Governance and Management

  • Proposed  Structure
    • Scalable
    • Professional
    • Lead up into full standard
    • Include statutory bodies South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), Statistics South Africa (StatsZA) and South African Institute of Electrical Engineers (SAIEE).

We made a proposal around a structure (see Appendix C) and engaged various honourary professional societies who all indicated their support.

Project #3 – Business Engagement

Here we proposed to our initial stakeholders a tiered membership.

Businesses initially proposed some shared projects.

  • FICA Exchange
  • Free Hosting

Project #4 – Tools

Here we wish to investigate various tools on behalf of our stakeholders, such as visualisation, privacy, security, clustering, building solutions, …

Project #5 – Digital Divide

“A digital divide is an economic and social inequality with regard to access to, use of, or impact of information and communication technologies (ICT)”. The question is what are we actually doing about it.

Project #6 – Collaboration National International

We wish to host a Conference on Open Data. We participated in the UN Open Data forum ( held in Cape Town.


A – Normative References

B – CoCT Business Drivers

3.1 ‘Well-run City’: The transparent government programme.

3.2  ‘Opportunity City’: Create an enabling environment to attract investment that generates economic growth and job creation.

3.3 The policy supports the Economic Growth Strategy programme on prioritising competitiveness in City business improvement initiatives, specifically where this relates to governance and oversight and improving the competitiveness of the broader economy of Cape Town.

C – Proposed Open Data Management structure

D – App screenshots – City of Cape Town Open Data Pollution

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