Personalising data for mobile

We are a  software company building solutions for companies wishing to contextifypersonalise and customise dataWe offer:

  • Software engineering for the Enterprise: Java, Spring, ...
  • The Tree, a retail Platform: helping companies get their inventories online the mobile web.
  • Professional Products to personalise data: The CoreContext Engine (demo) and more.
Our solutions are built around our core technology to personalise and contextualise information for people. It is difficult to do in a way that is flexible. We have got it right, because our solutions are engineered to be robust and standards' compliant. We talk about Just the Right Information TM.  

Software Engineering Services

We also do architecture, training, process improvement, turnkey development and consulting for projects requiring large components of data and mobile expertise. Our clients are typically blue-chip companies wishing to build a service that they can use to fulfill their customers' needs, by providing them with the right information, at the right time and at the right place. 


Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP)

Companies wishing to host their own solution should look at The Core.

The World's only open Source MEAP. Why do you need this? Our solution is an ESB message based solution that is really easy to install and manage. It is Open Source, scaleable, Java based and quite simply a brilliant way of getting an integration project up and running. 


Platform as a Service (PaaS) 

The Tree is a mobile cloud service for Small Businesses. 

It helps you get your inventory online the mobile web.

Are you looking to create a new funky mobile product but do not have the time to do everything from scratch: mobile, cloud, design, ... The Tree is where you want to be. The Tree helps you get your services out to your customers minute by minute. Your customers will be able to see what's happening in your business.

Please take our survey to see if it is for you or go to The Tree now.

Context Engine

The Context Engine is used to facilitate the interaction between people and services.

Use it to build information about users and systems to enable seamless interaction with your service. Our Context Engine is a core component in contextualising and personalising data for users.

Do you wish to personalise your data, build a recommendation engine, or just move into the 3rd millennium? This is a plugin service that uses advanced techniques and algorithms to personalise data. Demo here.